Get paid for helping!

Yes, that's right. will pay you to help us. Here's how it works...

Advertising is the single source of raising funds for All proceeds generated from advertising on the pages of go right back into the maintenance, support, building of content, and marketing of, to promote the values of responsible and ethical hunting, safety, family participation, and most importantly...having fun. Here's how you can help... will pay you either $10, $20 or $30 (depending on the package purchased) for any successful advertising deal negotiated by a company referred to us by you. Simply have your referral indicate to that they have been referred to us by you. The referred company will provide us with your mailing address and telephone number. We will contact you once a deal has been established, and mail you a check. As I said, all proceeds go right back into to pay for things such as:

• Internet Service Provider Fees.
• Promotional items such as bumper stickers, mugs, hats, T-Shirts, and other things.
• Fees for advertising and sportsman's shows in order to get our message out there.
• Prizes for special events.
• Office supplies for marketing and informational services.
• Other expenses that help do what we do and provide services to you.

It's as simple as that. Let's make the power of the Internet work for all of us. Together we can build a hunting website that's second to none, and brings the great tradition of hunting into the homes of everyone.

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