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   Our Small Game season opened up last weekend as did the archery season on Prudence and Patience Islands.  Hunters on Prudence are seeing and taking deer, hunters also reported hearing coyotes out there as well. To see how your fellow hunters are doing please visit the user forum to read the various season tracker reports.  For the full list of the hunting dates and bag limits please CLICK HERE.

  Muzzleoader season is right around the corner, that being said the link below is of a tragic gun accident that happened in Maine back in 2004 and it was an accident that should never of happened. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

   The Department of Environmental Management announces that the muzzleloader deer-hunting season on state and private land will take place from November 3 to November 25 for either-sex and antlerless deer. From December 22 to December 25, deer may be taken on private land with antlerless deer permits only. All deer taken during the first weekend of the muzzleloader season - November 3 to November 4 - must be checked at a state-operated check station. State stations are located at Arcadia, Carolina, Durfee Hill, and Great Swamp Management Areas. The Fort Wetherill Marine Laboratory in Jamestown will also be open for checking deer on November 3 and November 4. In addition, for the convenience of hunters in Tiverton and Little Compton, Main Bait and Tackle on South Main Street in Fall River will be permitted to accept deer for checking during the first weekend of the muzzleloader season. All deer may be checked at vendor stations during the remainder of the season. 

    The Department of Environmental Management also announced a new check station on Prudence and Patience Islands.  It has been established at the home of Kevin Mahoney, located at 0105 John Oldham Road on Prudence Island. Hunters should call Kevin at 1-508-308-6587 to make arrangements for checking deer.

   On the calendar this week, there's a public sight-in day this weekend at the Victory Sportsmen's Club in Chepachet.  Please visit the on-line calendar for details on this and future events.  Feel free to swing by the chat room tonight and every night at 8pm, the link is on the top of the User Forum page.

Hunt Safe!!!!!

Mark Mingain

Federated Rhode Island Sportsmen's Club Inc. Corner


Dan Insana urges ALL member clubs to send their delegate or alternate delegate to the next monthly meeting for a matter of urgent importance on Monday November 19, 2007.  The meeting begins at 7pm and is held at the Phoenix Sportsman's' Club 715 Main Street West Warwick, RI 02893

For more information on the FRISC click here or visit their section in the CLUBS area of the User Forum.

2007 Harvest A RI Doe Contest

Hello fellow RI whitetail hunters,

We are into the 4th week of our deer season and hunters are taking plenty of deer.  Steve Green entered the contest with 2 does. I am in the process of putting the packages together and they will be finalized this week.  There is NO registration fee or anything.  When you take a doe, you just have to email a scanned image of the front and back of your used tag to to be entered.  The more does you take the more entries you have and the better your chances you have of winning.  There will be prize packages including one for the largest doe.

Hunter Number of Does Taken Number of Entries/Chances
Steve Greene 2 2

For contest details and rules
please click on the Doe Contest banner on the home page

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News Headlines From RIDEM

Just click the link to read DEM's press release

10/24 DEM Fluorescent Orange is Required in Management Areas for Safety During Hunting Season

10/22 DEM and Newport Officials to Showcase First Round of Improvements at Van Zandt Fishing Pier

10/12 DEM Announces Muzzleloader Deer Season

10/10 DEM Announces Island Archery Deer Seasons

9/28 DEM Announces Dates and Seasons for Hunting Small Game and Upland Migratory Birds

Steve PonteLittle Rhody – Big Buck!
New RI State Record Archery Typical
By Jeff Brown, and hunter Steve Ponte

Little Rhody gets little respect. Whether it’s a joke about the states diminutive size, or a dig about the tendency for its politicians to be corrupt, the “Rodney Dangerfield” of US States tends to be the butt of abuse on many levels. And in the hunting community, the fact that no B&C buck has ever been officially recorded just adds to the long list of affronts. Let’s face it, this state is the size of some counties in New York, and the total deer harvest for all seasons is less than most Northeastern states register on opening day of their gun season alone. But if you are a frequent reader of this magazine, you know that Rhode Island does produce many big bodied, big racked bucks each season. And when it comes to muzzleloader trophies, this state regularly “kicks butt” across New England in terms of the total number of muzzleloader bucks that make the NBBC records. So it stands to reason that if this state was going to produce a hunter-harvested B&C buck, it would fall to a blackpowder hunter, right? And it also stands to reason that the buck would come from somewhere along the trophy-rich Connecticut state border, given that the Constitution state produces so many trophy-caliber bucks each year, right? Wrong on both accounts! It turns out that this state’s first-ever typical B&C buck fell to archer in 2006 – in one of the last places you would expect a trophy buck of this caliber to come from. And yet when you read the hunter’s story, you might guess he was hunting in Illinois or Iowa!

OK, enough of the pre-story drama - Here is Steve Ponte’s story, in his own words.

The dog days of August had arrived and I had passed on another night of chasing big striped bass and decided to start glassing the fields for whitetails - my fall and winter obsession. The first night out with a little more than a half-hour of light to go I spotted a few deer meandering out of the woods into the hayfield. The first was a small buck, maybe six points. The next four deer were all keepers and they filed out by age and rack size. The next two were three and a half year olds, immature, but eight pointers. They needed another year to be something special. The next deer was a monster! Right away with the naked eye I could see he was all of ten points and close to two-hundred pounds. He was a nice four or five year old deer. I figured you might fit three basketballs in his perfect typical rack, and knew he scored at least 150 or better. The last deer was all gray, easily over two hundred pounds and probably over six years old. He had a rack that was long and wide. He showed his age, as his rack had five to a side but no height, actually wide and spindly - but he was still the King. He would score 125”, but not much higher. These sightings went on through the end of August, always the same five deer and always the same rotation when entering the field.

September came and I went out one Saturday to put up my stands for the October 1st opener. I came down the dirt road and over the crest to the backfield. All five of my deer buddies were eating along the fencerow, but this time there was a sixth buck. He was away from the group maybe twenty yards, and he was a three and a half year old solid eight pointer. It was noontime and about seventy degrees; I could not believe my eyes. I had startled them and they jumped away and blended back into the woods. I thought to myself, “Six bucks in my hunting area, three weeks to go until the season opener.”

I never saw the bucks again, until the season opener. That day I had arrived about one o’clock and parked my truck in the parking area. From here I could always see the back of the field and wood line. Right away I saw the monster buck cruise from the south corner up to the north and go into the woods. Again, I was shocked to see a buck in the middle of the afternoon. This was the first time I saw any buck alone. It seemed that they got up and stretched during the mid day hours. It also seemed that the big boy had marked his territory, as I had not seen any other bucks for the last three weeks. Fall is for deer hunting and football. I have coached high school football for the 16 of the past 21 years. There is always conflict in my heart and mind during this season. I work hard with the players each afternoon through two and a half hour practices, leaving me with just an hour or two to get in the woods before dark. October was barren for me as I saw a few does but nothing that I would draw back on.

In early November I snuck out on a Friday afternoon before our nighttime game. I maybe had an hour and a half to see what was moving in the woods. Time was precious; so I hopped into the first stand just thirty yards into the woods. A doe came by and I heard the pig like grunt off in the distance, I knew he was coming my way. He popped out of the bull briars at about thirty yards and I could see he was a...

To read the rest of Steve's story and others,
please visit and click Hunting then click the NBBCRI banner.

Steve is also an active member in our User Forum



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$25 Store Gift Certificate Give Away

Wildwood Outfitters has donated a $25 store gift certificate for our give away.  Please click the banner or visit our user forum to view contest details and rules. On Monday October 22, 2007 we will announce the winner.

This give away winner is forum Member Slugger, congrats Slugger and thanks to Rob at Wildwood Outfitters for participating in this giveaway!


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Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits show airs on COX Channel 3 at 10:30 am on Saturdays in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

This week: Episode 5: Robb Roach, John Longo, and Mark Mingain head out on a wild Turkey hunt in Rhode Island. Karen and Mark Mingain then host Robb as they cook herb crusted turkey with a red wine demi-glaze. Also catch more field dog training tips from Buck Shope. Don't miss it!!

Capt. Robb Roach
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Narragansett Gun Club: 6pm - 9pm
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East Warren Rod & Gun Club: 12:30pm - ??
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Cumberland Beagle Club: - 6pm - sundown
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East Warren Rod & Gun Club: 12:30pm - 6pm
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Shot Of The Week

Here's RIH member Jim Vieira and son Garret on
opening day of the small game season.

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Outdoor Scene by Bill Bodnar

Fishin & Outdoor Trails by Anna Minicucci


Dem’s Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Federal Aid Project has recently reviewed the policies regarding its Aquatic Resource Education Program (AREP). Meetings with concerned individuals were needed for language changes on some important points. Both parties agreed that clarification in some areas needed attention and would benefit the educational program overall good standing.

Improved internet website communications will boost the public awareness on these issues and others as they arise. DEM in review of their program noted findings indicate that there are some areas which would benefit from improved explanations and published policies, including language which explains State purchasing procedures.

To that end we will publish those policies and procedures while incorporating improved language to clarify information regarding the use of volunteer and vendor fishing instructors. The ARE program is a federally-funded program derived from the Wallop-Breaux Act Sport Fish Restoration Fund. The goal of Rhode Island’s ARE program is to create environmental stewards and a well-informed public willing to appreciate and conserve their aquatic resources, and has evolved to include teacher training workshops, marine and freshwater ecology, in-school aquaculture programs, literature publications, and fishing training for youths and families. Individuals with expertise in recreational fishing in salt or freshwater, hunting and boating, may discuss their personal interests in a particular program.

Any new programs will have to be related and comply with federal guidelines. The ARE program...

To read Bill's article in it's entirety, click on over to his section in the User Forum.


That was to be the cap on an observation essay , written in 2005, by a college student. “Keeping the hunter in mind,” would have been a perceptive way to end the essay; however, editors of the publication where it appeared, apparently decided to change it, or what may be more accurate, to render it tolerable for its collegiate readers whose leanings seem to be more bent toward reinventing the conservation environment. Save Bambi and prevent the eating of its food sources. Conservation, not preservation, reigns as traditional and scientific methodology/philosophy to “protect through conserving.” The speculation may be, that if I don’t kill Bambi, but do shoot its brother and other herded deer, the method will keep a herd from expanding and destroying its own environment. This concept is not understood by those who wander through collegial surroundings and influences. It’s not worldly in scope nor is it intellectually cosmopolitan.

When a college woman pursued a curiosity for finding “Settler’s Day” at the Manville Sportsmen’s Club, she also wanted to satisfy an introspection about Rhode Island’s hunting and shooting opportunities. At least that appeared to be the intention of her visit to the event. What would a small state like Rhode Island have to offer compared to Tennessee from where she hailed and wearing camo and hunting is a way of life.

That’s where her inquisitive mind began, and to check out landscape of sporting chances within Rhode “Land”, she contacted Mark for info and input. (That’s Mark Mingain of His encouragement and directions to the Manville Club found Blair Hickman (that’s the Brown University gal) at the Settler’s Day event, where her observations, feelings, and participation were eventually recorded in the essay which became...

To read Anna's article in it's entirety, click on over to her section in the User Forum.

Northwoods Sporting Journal
John Ward's Maine's Northwoods Ramblings

10/13 October - The Crown Jewel of Months!

Don't you love it? It is getting cooler, the leaves are turning and they emit that aroma that stirs all of your past hunting memories, good and bad. Grouse, ducks, geese, rabbits, bow for deer, bear au is a hunting plethora of choices and leaves one thinking that this cloning thing might have some justification! I'd have the original go hunting and the duplicates could go to work, etc!

I had the privilege to go up North and help a friend and outfitter set up his large canvas wall tents in preparation for clients coming up the next week for the second half of the Maine moose season. Several men and a good time later, the two tents were up and secured. The larger one with a wood stove for the sleeping quarters and the smaller one for the propane stoves and cooking area. Lee didn't use the metal poles to erect the tent; we used cedar poles and lashed them together. I helped in it all and especially enjoyed splitting the seasoned cedar left behind by loggers a year earlier for kindling for the woodstove. Is there a better smell then cedar wood? Perhaps....I just can't think of one off the cuff. Really made you feel part of a true wilderness expedition. I also asked my friend if he would take the time to call in a bull moose for me as I wanted some good close-ups of a large bull for the closing credits of my TV show. What an experience! I can tell you now that you need to pull out your checklist for hunting trips and create a new line item for adult Depends! Having a rutting bull running into your tripod setup looking for a fight is exciting...put that entire scenario into the telephoto lens of a Sony PD170 and it is downright exhilarating! Lee called first with his Top Gun Game call to imitate a cow in heat. After waiting for the grunting response of an interested suitor, he then...

To read John's article in it's entirety, click on over to his section in the User Forum.

Fishing & Hunting Report From Our Sponsors

This partial report is from Rob Robinson over at Wildwood Outfitters -

Saltwater Well the weather hasn't been cooperating with the first stage of the fall fishing run, the recent storm activity that came through late last week and strong winds the last four days isn't helping the bass set up along the south shore with any regularity. This time of year it is time to focus on the ocean shoreline, but the run we all hope will happen this year is related to weather, water temp, bait and the length of daylight. Lets hope the south west winds will help push the fish into the pattern soon! Blue fish has been the topic of fishing over the last five to six days. Blues have been reported at Bonnet in large schools with fish being up to 8lbs with a few schoolie bass mixed in. Some smaller blues in Allen's Harbor on top water plugs with the fish being up to lbs.-these are the table blues great for frying up in a pan with butter,onions, and some spice. Sandy Point to the humps near Mount Hope, Some big blues at Ohio ledge, Wickford Harbor, Greenwich Bay, and giant school was seen on Monday near Johnson's Ledge that was a mile long by a half mile wide , fish from 10-15lbs in the mix.

The Black fishing is on strong with Green Crabs flying out of the shop last weekend. The reports are in from everywhere that the fishing is great. Best spots are Narrow River Ledge, The Pinnacle, Breton Reef, The Seawall at the navy base, and the winner has been Beavertail with fish up to eight pounds caught to the limit.

The water temp seems to be dropping with the temps at the mudhole at 60 degrees and at Beavertail at 59 degrees on Monday. There has some good news from our customers, Bob and his brother have been doing good in Newport and Middletown shores. Some nice blues with some bass mixed in along third beach, They also have found good numbers of small bass from Indian Ave. to the creek. Ocean Dr has produced some nice bass last week up to 12lbs. The south shore club challenge was last weekend with the guys only being to fish from Narrow River to Westerly and the weather really getting the best of the diehards that were out.

Some guys braved 40kt winds and high surf on Friday night with no results, Us and Weekapaug bait and tackle were the weigh in spots and we didn't get a fish until Sunday when Bob Moeller came up with a 27.38lber coming in at 42.5". Mike weighed a 22.20lb bluefish he caught on 8lb test line it took him 35 minutes to grab that monster on a top water plug off Nebraska Shoals, he said the blues were everywhere around early afternoon. Most reports this week say the best time for blues is in the afternoon. Yesterday one big school came into Pier 5 in Narragansett late in the afternoon, they were close and off shore with fish between 7-10lbs, some schoolies were also caught out of the Narrow River. Kelly Smith reports that south shore towards Charlestown has been picking up steady the last couple of nights with bass on eels at night. The Key right now for Bass seems to be night eel fishing.

The Francis fleet report for the early week Capt. Ray reported one of the finest day's of porgy fishing of the fall season today. Due to the windy forecast and conditions we tried some protected waters fishing close to Block Island and it turned out to be a one stop day. Anglers caught porgy after porgy all day long. There were more throwbacks to weed through but anglers who fished hard had no trouble limiting out. All customers left happy with pails full of scup. Some nice size platters to 2lbs mixed in and customers did manage a few nice sea bass to 3lbs to go along with their porgies.

Capt. Rich reported the cod fishing over the weekend was steady with anglers picking away at some cod of mixed sizes both days with a few nice fish into the 20s to take the pools both days as well. Lots of very large scup to nearly 4lbs and some big sea bass to 6lbs plus a few snowshoe flounder and some big ocean bluefish to round out the activity. Monday's cod fishing was about the same, possibly a little better. Codfish of mixed sizes pleased anglers with a bigger percentage of the day's fish over ten pounds. Angler highlights included Steve from Chelmsford, Mass with a fine 30lbr and another in the teens. Dan Harding was down for a visit today and had a fine brace of codfish that included fish of 25 and 15lbs. John from Trumbull,Ct had three fine cod to the high teens plus a couple slammer bluefish. An angler in the stern nailed three cod to 12lbs while another angler had a sea bass that went a solid 7lbs to go along with his catch of small cod. A half dozen or so sea bass today were 5lbs or greater in size. Today also saw the best showing of good size sea bass so far this season on the cod grounds with most anglers getting at least one or two. Plenty of jumbo scup to 3lbs with anglers averaging a half dozen of the platter size porgies apiece with a few guys using smaller hooks getting upwards to 12 plus each. Quite a few slammer bluefish to 15lbs today as well and that may have explained the slowdown in the cod bite later in the day. As has been seen before, anglers lost some truly large codfish halfway and more to the surface, these big codfish do not usually bite hard and often are just barely hooked so it is very important to get a good hook in the fish and then talked one's time bringing up the big fish. Next codfish trip sets sail Wednesday at 7am.

On The Water reports  New England is now in the thick of the fall migration, and as you watch bass and blues gorging on baitfish in your area, you can hope that even more will migrate through in the next few weeks. The ocean waters have finally cooled to typical autumn temperatures, stimulating bass and blues to blitz, and big stripers are still being caught as far north as New Hampshire – the season still has some legs! Cooling waters have chased the bonito and false albacore father south into Rhody and Connecticut waters, tautog action is reaching a peak on rock piles from Eastern Long Island Sound into Buzzards Bay, and black sea bass are making a strong last stand around Cape Cod. Adding an exciting new dimension to our fishing experience is the booming freshwater scene, which has only benefited from the simultaneous cool-down and fall stockings.

Fishing the Ocean State Went out of Wickford Saturday morning and were blues everywhere just east of the harbor entrance. Caught them till ours arms fell off up to 12 pounds. Have fun! Fished inside the wall at coddington this morning. Tally for the trip was 13 tog, two keepers . Most fish were 12 inches . We also caught about 30 scup and only 1 keeper. check out Fishing the Ocean State” airs on Cox Sports Television (Cox channel 3). Saturday morning at 9:30 am and every Sunday night at 6pm. Now airing on Cox 3: Saturday 10/20 9:30 am, Sunday 10/21 Next Up: A look at the 2006 October South County Bass run, plus RISAA's Economic Impact report and Take a Kid Fishing Day on the Francis Fleet. Cox on Demand (Cox Channel 1) A Narragansett Bay special. Charter Captain Jim White fishes for Stripers in late October. A look at Save the Bay's report on the health of the bay. And Chef Ralph Battista from Luigi's Restaurant in Johnston cooks up a delicious Mahi recipe.

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