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User Guidelines

Registration Information

  • You are required to register in the User Forum before you upload any photos. Please write down and/or save your login information.

  • Your E-Mail address will be kept private!

  • As a registered user you may upload up to 100kb in file size. I have to set limits, server space costs money.

Photo Requirements

  • Photos can be no larger than 600 pixels in height or width.

  • Photos can be no larger than 100kb in file size.

  • Not all photos uploaded will be approved! Please only submit good, clear, sharp images.

  • Solo shots of just the harvested animal(s) are ok but, try and get in the photo too!

  • Any photos with excessive blood may get touched up before getting approved and posted.

Unacceptable photos include: Photos that are too small (under 250 pixels in width). Photos that contain too excessive blood or that are in bad taste. Grainy photos, blurry, out of focus, washed out, etc. Photos should be clear. No photos that have text all over them or extra stuff like frames. Do not use graphic programs to add special effects.

Uploading to Albums Help and Info

  • When you upload your image please choose the best category for it. Please use common sense, if you're unsure upload it to your personal gallery.

  • Please include a short title and a description of the photo, give us some information please.

  • I approve all photos before they will show in the gallery. I may approve a photo but not the category you chose and I will place it in the appropriate category. I may NOT approve your photo. If so, don't get mad, just send in a better photo following the guidelines above. I would like this to be a gallery everyone can enjoy and with good quality photos.

  • If your photo is too large and needs to be reduced, resized, cropped, etc. there are many programs available, and they may already be installed on your PC. Some are online and some are software programs you can download. Many are free or cheap. You can also do it on-line, for more info, please visit these two sites.

NOTE: Occasionally, once a year or so, I'll have need to reduce the photos in the gallery to conserve space. I'll delete the oldest photos and the ones that aren't very good. If your photo gets deleted and you're still a visitor and even notice then feel free to upload a new photo.


A Guide To Quality Hunting Photos

This guide is pretty much written for deer/big game, but can be used for any species in general. This gallery is made up of fellow  members of this site that enjoy hunting.  Unfortunately too many lucky hunters take not-so-good photos of their once-in-a-lifetime trophy. The excitement of finally tagging a trophy game animal (or any animal for that matter) takes longer to wear off than a roll of film will last in the camera. There are seven very simple steps you need to follow while you are still excited that will insure quality photos.

  1. Take the photo outdoors.
    If the buck was brought home before you found someone with a camera, take the deer outside for the photos. Nothing looks worse than a buck on the garage floor with cans, pails, lawn mowers and tires in the background.

  2. Take the deer off the car, out of the trunk or out of the pickup truck.
    Unless you are showing off a deer you hit with your truck do not include a vehicle in the photo.

  3. Take the animal down from the tree and remove the rope.

  4. Select a neutral background.
    In the excitement of taking trophy photos no one ever look beyond the animal or hunter. Houses, barns, tractors and powers lines all ruin the quality of the photo. Use an evergreen tree, a screen of brush or hills and woods for the background. Find a color that will highlight the antlers - not hide them. Don't let them blend into the background.

  5. Get close - Now get closer!
    All you need in the photo is the animal and the hunter. Make sure the subject fills the frame. Fill the viewfinder with the subject. Most photos used in the gallery have at least 50% of the photo cropped off to remove empty background.

  6. Turn the camera so the photo is vertical.
    The hunter and the trophy will fill the frame and eliminate most of the empty background. It is also the format used for magazine covers and most framed pictures.

  7. If the sun is gone use a flash.
    Dramatic results often occur when subjects are highlighted and the background is totally black. All that you see is the desired subject. Be sure to stay far enough away from reflective objects so ghosts don't start to appear in the background.

How To Log On To The Gallery

  1. Click the LOG ON link,

  2. You'll get bounced to the USER FORUM

  3. Enter your site username & password then click the CONTINUE button

  4. You'll get bounced back to the gallery and hopefully logged on

NOTE: If you logged on successfully you should see your username to the right of where it says Logout (top right of the page). i.e. Logout [YOUR USERNAME]  If you see Log On, you have not successfully logged on to the GALLERY.  If that's the case, go to the USER FORUM and log off, then go to back to the gallery and start from Step 1 above.

Just in case you're wonder why I did this, it's for single sign-on. If I didn't do it this way you would have had to create yet another user account.

Issues Staying Logged On?

If you're having issues having to keep logging on then when you visit the GALLERY or FORUM try deleting your browsers cookies.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE)

1. From the IE toolbar, CLICK Tools
2. From the Tools: CLICK Internet Options
3. From the Internet Options, CLICK the General Tab
4. From the General Options, CLICK Delete Cookies
5. From the General Options you'll be asked if you are sure, SELECT OK
6. From the General Options CLICK OK

Mozilla FireFox: FireFox lets you can get specific and just delete the cookies:

1. From the FireFox toolbar, CLICK Tools
2. From the Tools: CLICK Options
3. From the Options, CLICK Privacy
4. From the Privacy, CLICK View Cookies
5. From the View Cookies dialog box, SELECT the entries.
6. From the View Cookies dialog box, CLICK Remove Cookies
6. From the View Cookies dialog box, CLICK OK
3. From the Options, CLICK OK

In AOL 9?

1. From the AOL toolbar, CLICK Settings.
2. From the Settings: Essentials dialog box, CLICK Internet [Web] Options.
3. From the AOL Internet Properties dialog box, on the General tab, CLICK Delete Cookies.
4. From the Delete Cookies dialog box, CLICK OK.
5. From the AOL Internet Properties dialog box, CLICK OK.
6. From the Settings: Essentials dialog box, CLICK Close.

That should take care of it.


How To Upload Photos (Personal & Public)

  1. Log On to the Gallery

  2. Click the UPLOAD FILE link

  3. You're now on the Photo Upload page

  4. Click the BROWSE button, find the file/photo you wish to upload, and click the OPEN button

  5. Once you have selected your file(s) click the CONTINUE button

  6. You should now be on the Upload Status Page, click the CONTINUE button

  7. Add a title, description and keywords, then click the SUBMIT button.

  8. Your photo(s) and info have been submitted, they just need approval by the Administrator


How To Create a Personal Gallery

  1. Log On to the Gallery

  2. Click the ADMIN MODE link

  3. Just below the banner ads and above the Title bar you will see:
    Create / order my albums - Modify my albums - My profile

  4. Click the CREATE / ORDER MY ALBUMS link

  5. Click the NEW button (You will see 'New album' in 2 spots)

  6. In the bottom box overwrite New album with the name that you want i.e. My Album, 2002 Elk Trip etc.
    If you need to create more albums repeat steps 5 & 6
    Note: If you need to delete an album, just click the album in question then click the delete button. You will get prompted to make sure you want to delete the album. Click the appropriate button

  7. When you're done entering your albums click the APPLY MODIFICATIONS button

  8. You will be prompted 'Are you sure you want to make these modifications (OK) (cancel)' Click the appropriate button

  9. After you click OK a confirmation screen will appear. Click the CONTINUE button

  10. To return to User Mode click the USER MODE link

  11. That's it!! You're done,  you've created your albums!


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