Here's what some of you have been saying....

I am an ex-hunter (if there is such a thing) who just returned back to the woods last year after being absent for about 25 years. The memories of hunting with my Dad and wanting to give my two sons something similar brought me back; so did my love for nature and the peace we all find there.

I have been watching this site for a while and am very impressed with how sophisticated it is and the community it pulls together. Mark is doing an amazing service for all RI hunters. It is clear it is a passion for him and that we are the beneficiaries.

I live in WW and am going to try to find some decent squirrel hunting this weekend and maybe even kick up a rabbit or pheasant too. I don't know any real places to hunt yet but will be exploring the Tarbox area and perhaps Arcadia.

If anyone has any suggestions as to where I might find some decent squirrel hunting I would love to hear about it.

Thank you all in advance for your help and your willingness to help an old "newbie".

This is going to be a great year. And good luck to you all.


Jeff 10/16/2007 Taken from Jeff's post in the User Forum

Hey fellow hunters,

I just wanted to Thank All of you guys.
I have come here as a noob hunter to the state with a ton of questions and you guys have given me answer after answer without question....

Guys have answered questions. (without attitude- which I have run into on other sites)
Guys have kicked down old gear since I have lost a bunch of mine.
Guys have shared input about some of their favorite spots.

I've been invited to join guys at the range......
Great Site, Great folks -- Hope you have a good season.

See you in the woods!


Jason 9/12/2007 Taken from Jason's post in the User Forum

Hello, I just wanted to say that your web site to me is very outstanding and great! I am an NRA. member and I have been in hunting fishing and in the outdoors all my life there is nothing that can top it at all! an I am a honorable discharged Vietnam veteran! thank you and best wishes


John C. 3/12/2007

You're doing a heck of a job with the site. Thanks for all the good work and helpful information.

Jeremy B. 9/16/2005

Thanks for the information on the public meeting notice. I would love to hunt Beavertail this year and would otherwise never heard of it.

Mark L. 9/30/2004

I am extremely pleased with what I have seen on your website and would like to wish you and all of the members good luck and safe hunting. Also how can I receive a bumper sticker to show my support.

Jason A. 7/4/2004

Hello, Thank you for posting such as comprehensive and informative site. I have only resided in RI for approximately two years, having located here from Pennsylvania. I think your site is a valuable resource to find out what is going on in the state as well as how to get connected to shooting related sports. I must commend Dave from Dave's Wholesale guns for introducing me to the site. I am interested in a bumper sticker, can you send me one. I would be happy to advertise.

Robert C. 5/4/2004

Congratulations on this new Rhode Island hunting web site. Found out about it at HuntRI. Hunting in RI, needs as many supporters as it can find. Agaubm Good Luck~

Anna M.

Hi Mark!  I'm new to hunting and I find this site to be fantastic! I've gotten so many of my questions answered in the forums and the whole layout of the site is the most user-friendly I've ever seen! Please send me one of your bumper stickers.
Keep up the great work!

Denise G. 3/17/2004

I received the sweatshirt today....Thanks, I am truly impressed by the quality and the color is fabulous. If items such as this shirt are for sale through the club I would highly recommend members purchasing them if they are not you may want to consider selling them to members online........I will also be sure to pass out the business cards to other hunters who I may come in contact with....

Thanks again

Mike D. 3/5/2004

Your new website is awesome. I used to be an avid hunter back in the early 90's . But, 4 kids and a high paced career put a damper on it for a while. My son is now almost 13, and is expressing interest in hunting. Your site is just what I was looking for to get back into the woods and teach my son the basic's.

Thank you

Jonathan D. 1/11/2004

I was a member a while back at Wallum, and now currently at Cranston Fish and Game. I think what your doing is excellent. I read about it in yesterdays Sunday Journal.


Doug P. 12/8/2003


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