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Black Farm Management Area
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Location and Access

Black Farm Management Area is located in the town of Hopkinton, R.I. with access available along Woodville Alton Road (Called Rockville Alton Road on some maps) where a small parking lot is under development. The property has nearly two miles of frontage along the Wood River which also serves as an excellent access point to much of the management area. River access is possible from the bridge at Woodville Road or by floating down the river from Hope Valley. The management area is found on the Carolina, R. I. U.S.G.S. topographic quad map.


Black Farm Management Area has a total land area of approximately 245 acres. The area is largely comprised of a mixed forest of hardwoods and evergreens consisting of oaks, maples, white pine and pitch pine. Upland forest is dominated by hardwood stands of red and white oak with scattered white and pitch pine. Areas of pine barren type exist in the central property around Plain Pond, extending north along the abandoned railroad bed. Plain Pond, located in the center of the area, is a shallow naturally occurring kettle hole pond. Areas of old field habitat and a cultivated field (5 acres) exist in the southeastern corner of the parcel. The Wood River and the associated wetlands complex of marshes and swamp forms the eastern property boundary, providing over 8,000 linear feet of riparian habitats vital to many forms of wildlife. Canonchet Brook enters the property just north of the old railroad trestle. Wooded (red maple swamp) and shrub swamp forms much of the continuous corridor along Canonchet Brook.


The Black Farm Area has a wide diversity of habitats that provide food, cove, water and nesting places for many forms of wildlife. The extensive wetlands complex along the Wood River is one of the most diverse and valuable wetlands for wildlife in the entire state. The intermixing of various cover types ranging from open marsh to shrub and wood swamp are highly attractive to many wildlife, particularly waterfowl and other wetland birds which use the corridor extensively during migration. The riparian habitats of the Wood River and Canonchet Brook provide excellent habitats for a diverse group of furbearers including beaver, otter, raccoon, mink, and muskrat. Ruffed grouse and woodcock as well as cottontail rabbits and grey squirrel are forms of upland and small game found in the area. White-tailed deer and wild turkey also are found on the area. Black Farm has also been designated a dog training area by Fish and Wildlife, for training hunting breeds of retrieving dogs or upland bird dogs, which is allowed between February 1 to September 30 of the year. Many non-game species of wildlife can be found inhabiting the area affording considerable opportunity for nature observation by the public.

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