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Dutch Island Management Area
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Location and Access

Dutch Island lies within the west passage of Narragansett Bay and is a portion of the town of Jamestown, RI. Access to the island is by private boat only and a small dock is present on the east side of the island. Topographic quad maps for Wickford, RI cover this area.


Dutch Island Management Area covers a total land area of 94 acres. The area is composed primarily of coastal shrub thickets and forest with scattered areas of open grassland. The island was previously occupied during World War II by a coastal military installation, including various buildings, munition bunkers and artillery. Remnants of these structures and road exist throughout the island. The area is currently being allowed to revert to a natural vegetational state with no active cutting or mowing planned.


Due to its unique position within Narragansett Bay, Dutch Island offers the opportunity to observe wildlife in a coastal environment. Cottontail rabbits are abundant on the island with the only other abundant mammal being the Norway rat. The shoreline of the island provides habitat suitable for a variety of water birds including gulls, herons, ducks, shorebirds, and wading birds. Other non-game species occur on the island as well providing ample opportunity for observation of these species.

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