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J. L. Curran Management Area
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Location and Access

John L. Curran Management Area is located in the City of Cranston, R.I. and is an undeveloped state owned park property which is managed by both the DEM Fish and Wildlife and Parks and Recreation. Access to the area is available at two locations along Seven Mile Road, one near the Upper Reservoir and a second with a small parking area at the Lower Reservoir also known as Spring Lake.


The J. L. Curran Management Area covers 332 acres and is largely a forested tract comprised primarily of deciduous hardwood trees, oaks, maple and beech. The Upper Reservoir is a man made basin of 30 acres in area with an average depth of 10 feet. Lower Reservoir or Spring Lake, also a shallow man made impoundment, is 24 acres in area. Shoreline habitats provide an important ecotone where a variety of wildlife seek food and shelter.


Typical game mammals found within the the J. L. Curran area include cottontail rabbit, grey squirrel, white-tailed deer and furbearers such as raccoon, mink, otter and muskrat. Game birds found in the area include ruffed grouse, woodcock, and wild turkey. A variety of non-game species of wildlife can also be found in the area, including songbirds, hawks, owls, amphibians, and reptiles, providing those who wish to observe these forms of wildlife in a natural setting with considerable opportunity. Both upper and lower Curran reservoirs are very popular fishing locations where access to the water is from the shoreline or by small boat or canoe. Principal species of game fish are largemouth bass and chain pickerel.

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