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Killingly Management Area
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Location and Access

Killingly Management Area is located entirely within the town of Glocester, RI. Access to the Killingly Pond area is along Snake Hill Road which runs east-west through the parcel. The Connecticut state line forms part of the western boundary of this management area. Topographic quad maps for East Killingly, CT cover this area.


Killingly Pond Management Area covers a total land area of 366 acres. The area is primarily in forested cover types (deciduous 113 acres, evergreen 180 acres), with wetlands covering the balance of the acreage. The dominant evergreen tree in the area is Eastern Hemlock which forms dense closed canopy forest and a specialized forest type rather uncommon in Rhode Island. The dense canopy of Eastern Hemlock trees provides an excellent winter habitat for white-tailed deer which inhabit the area. Killingly Pond, which lies partly in Connecticut and Rhode Island, is found in the southwest corner of the parcel.


Typical game mammals found within Killingly include cottontail rabbits, snowshoe hare, white-tailed deer and furbearers such as fox, coyote, mink, and muskrat. Game birds found at Killingly include wild turkey, ruffed grouse, and woodcock. Numerous non-game wildlife, including songbirds, hawks, owls, amphibians, reptiles and insects inhabit the management area, providing ample opportunity for observation of these species.

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