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Nicholas Farm Management Area
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Location and Access

Nicholas Farm Management Area is located within the western portion of the town of Coventry, RI bordering the state of Connecticut. Access to the Nicholas Farm area is by Nicholas Road west of the intersection with Lewis Farm Road. A public parking area is present on the north side of Nicholas Road. Additional access to this wildlife management area is available along the Trestle Trail and via the entrance to Carbuncle Pond off RI Route 14 (Plainfield Pike). Topographical quad maps for Oneco, CT cover this area.


Nicholas Farm covers a total land area of 1429 acres. The area is dominated by forest cover consisting of deciduous forest (688 acres) and evergreen forest (369 acres). Much of the conifer cover is pitch pine forest as a result of the dry soils witch occur throughout the area. Wetlands (306 acres), agricultural fields (41 acres), and other areas (22 acres) cover the balance of the area. The Moosup River flows through the northern portion of the area, with nearly 3 miles of its channel on both banks within state property. Considerable forested, shrub, and emergent wetlands occur along the river providing excellent habitats for breeding and migratory waterfowl. Carbunkle Pond is a popular fishing area which contains several species of warm water fish and stocked trout. The D.F.W. has developed a series of agricultural fields covering 2.9% of the total land area (41.7 acres) and maintains these areas as food and cover plantings for both game and non-game wildlife.


Game mammals present on the Nicholas Farm Wildlife Management Area include cottontail rabbits, white-tailed deer and furbearers such as fox, coyote, raccoon, muskrat, and mink. Beaver are common throughout the management area along the Moosup River, Roaring and Bucks Horn Brooks, with several beaver flowages adding considerably to available waterfowl habitat. Game birds found within the area include ruffed grouse, wild turkey, woodcock, and waterfowl, particularly wood duck. Diverse habitats found within this wildlife management area provide food, cover and nesting to a wide range of non-game wildlife species which occupy the area. Ample opportunity exists for observation of these wildlife species in their natural environment.

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