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Prudence and Patience Islands Management Areas
Prudence North & Patience Islands Reference Map:
Topographical Map:
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Location and Access

Prudence and Patience Islands Wildlife Management Area are part of the town of Portsmouth, RI. Access to the islands is either by private boat or ferry from the dock in Bristol, RI. Patience Island can only be reached by private boat. Topographic maps for Bristol, RI and Prudence, RI cover this area.


The total area of state lands occurring in several parcels on both islands is as follows: Patience Island (213 acres entire island), Prudence North (979 acres), Prudence South (831 acres). Habitat types on the islands are very similar throughout, with dense forest cover and coastal shrubs dominating most areas. The south end of Prudence Island was the site of a former military installation. Several strip clearings and open areas exist on this parcel with varying degrees of reverting second growth vegetation thickets.


Game mammals present on Prudence Island include cottontail rabbits, white-tailed deer and furbearers such as fox and raccoon. Abundant populations of white-tailed deer are present on the island and support a successful program of archery sport hunting which both serves to control deer populations and provide considerable recreation for sportsmen. Game birds found on the islands include ring-necked pheasant, woodcock, and numerous species of waterfowl. Non-game wildlife, including several species of shorebirds, water birds, and songbirds can also be found on the islands. Prudence Island is known to serve as a migrating bird staging and resting area, providing good bird watching opportunities during the spring and fall migration.

Other Notes

The deer hunting season on Prudence and Patience Islands is limited to bow hunting only (except for a special season for paraplegic hunters who are allowed to use shotgun or muzzle-loader). Special permits and proficiency tests are required. Be sure to call DEM for details.

The telephone number for Prudence Ferry, Inc. is (401) 253-9808

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