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Sapowet Marsh Management Area
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Location and Access

Sapowet Marsh Wildlife Management Area is located within the town of Tiverton, RI. Access to Sapowet is available from Sapowet Avenue to Puncatest Road (Puncatest Neck Road), then along sections (east and west) of Puncatest Road. The management area is found on the Tiverton, RI topographic quad map.


Sapowet March is composed almost entirely of estuarine inner tidal vegetated wetland (salt marsh) with substantial areas of mudflat, tidal creeks, sub tidal areas and salt ponds covering 138 acres. Additional habitat types include sandy areas associated with beaches and dunes (43 acres), agricultural land (5 acres) and deciduous forest (9 acres).


A variety of wildlife typical of coastal/estuarine environments can be found at Sapowet Marsh. Waterfowl including several species of duck and geese, and stocked game birds such as ring-necked pheasant can be found on the area. The area also supports numbers of non-game birds including species of shorebirds, wading birds, songbirds and rails with ample opportunity available for observation of these species.

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