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Woody Hill Management Area
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Location and Access

Woody Hill Wildlife Management Area is located within the town of Westerly, RI. Access to this management area can be gained along Woody Hill Road which runs through the parcel. Graveled roads within the area are gated to limit access to foot traffic and non-motorized vehicles only. The Management Area is found on the following topographical quad sheets: Ashaway, RI; Carolina, RI; Watch Hill, RI; and Quonochontaug, RI.


Woody Hill Wildlife Management Area covers a total land area of 819 acres. The land is 91% forested, consisting of deciduous forest (575 acres), evergreen forest (16 acres) and wetlands (225 acres) most of which is hardwood swamp. Woody Hill Marsh is a man made impoundment which covers approximately 14.4 acres. The marsh is dominated by a variety of wetland cover types including emergent marsh, aquatic shrubs, shrub swamp, standing dead, vegetated (floating leaved plants) and non-vegetated open water. The marsh is located on the eastern boundary of the management area along Perry Healy Brook.


Forest game species commonly found within Woody Hill include cottontail rabbits, grey squirrel, white-tailed deer, and furbearers such as fox, coyote, raccoon, muskrat, and mink. Forest game birds present on the area include ruffed grouse, wild turkey, and woodcock as well as species of waterfowl using the impoundment. Wood duck, black duck, mallard and green winged teal all can be expected during the fall migration and hunting season. The area supports a breeding population of wood duck and the DFW maintains a series of wood duck nest boxes on the marsh. Non-game species of wildlife including various songbirds, birds of prey, amphibian, reptiles and insects are present in the area with ample opportunity available for observation of these species.

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